Knitting Needles Roll-Up Case

I desperately needed a way to organize my growing collection of knitting needles. Stitch ‘n Bitch: The Knitter’s Handbook has a pattern for the Roll-Your-Own Needle Case on page 234. I knew I eventually had to have something similar before I go insane.

knitting needles roll up case

My husband was sewing bags and wallets with upholstery fabric at the time, so I asked him if he could make me something like the one in the book. He had me lay out my knitting needles in a row, and came up with this awesome case:

knitting needles case

Unlike the SnB pattern, my knitting needles roll-up case has varying pocket lengths for varying lengths of needles. There is an accordion-style pocket with a flap for odds and ends like stitch markers and row counters and such. It also has a flap across the whole width of the case to keep the needles from coming out of the top when it’s rolled up. You never can tell in our household. Sometimes things just find a way of flipping and flopping all around when there’s a kid in the house.

Here is a list of my knitting needles (US sizes):

  • #15 Takumi straight needles (made of bamboo)
  • #13 Susan Bates straight needles (acrylic)
  • #10 Takumi straight needles
  • #8 Takumi straight needles
  • #8 Brittany double pointed needles (made of birch) 7″ long
  • #7 Brittany double pointed needles 7″ long
  • #6 Takumi straight needles
  • #6 Brittany straight needles
  • #6 Brittany double pointed needles 5″ long
  • #5 Brittany straight needles
  • #5 Takumi double pointed needles 7″ long
  • #3 Brittany double pointed needles 5″ long

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