Strength and Grace

What’s amazing about having a blog that has been around for more than a decade is that I can quickly click through the posts to see my daughter growing up. From the moment she was born to this day, I am filled with gratitude and pride in her good health, strength, skills, and grace.

I feel lucky to have come across Hulda Clark‘s work, which made a difference in my health long before I decided to become a mom. Following the Hulda Clark lifestyle gave me the confidence to raise a healthy child with as little medical intervention as possible. Our philosophy and methods are different from most families we know, but it’s hard to deny that whatever it is we do has brought us wonderful results.

My daughter is now a Junior Olympic Level 6 competitive gymnast under the USA Gymnastics program. It’s challenging for the whole family because we have to spend a lot of time traveling to competitions. All this time on the road is exhausting and exposes us to a lot of elements. Imagine getting a food-borne illness from eating at a restaurant while so far away from the comforts of home. That’s why we always travel with our Hulda Clark Zapper. We zap preventively to keep us in top condition and keep it in our first aid kit in case of emergency.

If your kids are into competitive sports, you know that our support as parents is essential to making it happen for them. I’ll do anything to help my daughter succeed. Being in good health is the foundation of it all. Wish us luck this competition season!

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