Quinoa Asparagus, Oregano Chicken

Doesn’t that sound like a martial arts movie with English subtitles? Maybe not. How about this one? Vegetarian cook for meat-loving… what rhymes with cook? I have a new challenge in the kitchen. I don’t want

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Beef Barley Soup

A big vat of hot soup is comfort food in the winter. What’s really awesome about soup is that it gets better after it has sat together, chilled in the refrigerator, then reheated next day. This

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Chicken Pot Pie

A friend once told me that one night each winter his whole family gets together for Pie Night. Everyone brings a pie. Some bring dessert pies, others bring meat pies. Pies are so wonderful in the

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Crunchy Pizza

Shakey’s Pizza in the Philippines has this super awesome pizza on their menu: Pepperoni Crunch. It’s a thin-crust pepperoni pizza with potato strings on top to make it crunchy! We’d order that with a tall tower

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Shrimp & Bumblebees

My husband came up with this meal’s name when we first got married over 16 years ago. No bumblebees were harmed in the making of this meal. I can’t say the same for the shrimp, however.

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