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  • Chocolate S’mores Ice Cream

    Chocolate S’mores Ice Cream

    One of my family’s fondest summer memories is of roasting marshmallows on an open fire. My husband had built a fire pit behind our cabin in Maine, just a few steps away from the lake shore. There was a pile of kindling next to the fire pit, most of it for building the fire; some,…

  • Chocolate Ice Cream

    Chocolate Ice Cream

    Chocolate is my guilty pleasure. I always have to think twice about buying it, and when I do it’s always with a deep breath first before I dive in. So when I made this Chocolate Ice Cream, I put twice as much chocolate as I originally intended. If I am going to feel guilty about…

  • Poodle Turds

    Poodle Turds

    Okay, they’re not really poodle turds. This is my mother-in-law’s recipe for no-bake chocolate-oatmeal cookies. The lady had a sick sense of humor, and played many pranks in her day. A few years back she used to sell homemade Poodle Turds at PoodleTurds.com. My husband Photoshopped my smile on a poodle and Buttons, the smiling…