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  • Sriracha Shrimp

    Sriracha Shrimp

    Google sriracha shrimp and you’ll get 20.5 million results. It’s that popular. I think I’ll give some of those recipes a try this winter. I have my own version of Sriracha Shrimp, and I’ll stack mine up against some of the internet’s best reviewed recipes. I’ll have my family vote. You can vote, too. Try…

  • Sprouts Plus Vietnamese Noodle Bowl Recipe

    Sprouts Plus Vietnamese Noodle Bowl Recipe

    I sprout. Do you sprout? I just felt like it one morning. I got out a couple of quart mason jars and put in a tablespoon each of alfalfa and mung beans. Poured it full of water, a teaspoon each of food-grade hydrogen peroxide and let it sit for 15 minutes. I trapped a mesh…

  • Shrimp & Bumblebees

    Shrimp & Bumblebees

    My husband came up with this meal’s name when we first got married over 16 years ago. No bumblebees were harmed in the making of this meal. I can’t say the same for the shrimp, however. This is an easy peasy meal I whip up when I am short on time and long on hunger.…