10 Less Serious Reasons to Zap

Hulda Clark Zapper in the spring


You may have heard about Hulda Clark from a friend or family member. You may have come across any one of her books audaciously titled “The Cure For All Cancers,” “The Cure for HIV and AIDS,” and “The Cure For All Diseases,” among many others. You may have filed that bit of information in your brain for “Someday” when you need it, if you ever need it, which you may not, after all you’re healthy, you don’t have cancer, HIV, or any debilitating disease. You eat well, you exercise, you’re living the life.

When I came across Hulda Clark’s book, “The Cure For All Cancers,” in 1997, I was 24 years old. My grandfather had been diagnosed with lymphoma the summer prior, went through aggressive chemotherapy that fall, and died of pneumonia that winter. I was disenchanted with the medical industry. Hulda Clark showed me an alternative to the way cancer was being treated by the doctors. It was knowledge I would apply to my family’s approach to cancer moving forward, but I was a relatively healthy young woman at the time. I didn’t have any dramatic condition to turn around.

I decided that I would put my new knowledge to use anyway. I had some minor health problems to tackle. The first step was learning how to zap. My husband built a zapper and I used it. It was an easy change to my lifestyle. It didn’t hurt and all it took was a few minutes of my time. Through the years, I slowly changed my daily habits. I cleaned up my diet, body products, and environment. I replaced harmful dentistry as I was able to afford it. It is now over twenty years since I started. At 46 years old, I’m Mom to a teenager who doesn’t know life without a Hulda Clark Zapper and has had the benefit of growing up with healthy habits and in a household set up according to lifestyle recommendations published in Hulda Clark’s books.

Hulda Clark wrote her books for people who were very ill but the healthy and health-minded can benefit from it as well. You don’t have to wait until you have cancer before you zap. Here are:

10 Less Serious Reasons to Zap

(Everyone is different and may react differently to the Hulda Clark Zapper based on unique conditions and environmental circumstances. As a merchant I cannot make any medical claims regarding our product. The following are my personal experiences and opinions.)

  1. Skin problems. I had acne as a teenager. By the age of 24 I had been to several dermatologists, taken one kind of antibiotic after another, and been subjected to various facial treatments. I zapped for about a year, during which my skin improved for a bit, then backpedaled into breakouts that made me not only doubt whether the Hulda Clark Zapper was effective, but also wonder if it was making it worse. I persevered, thinking I had nothing to lose anyway. It was already a year past when I started zapping before I realized, that I couldn’t remember the last time my skin had broken out. My skin has remained clear since.
  2. Eye infections. More than once while out on a walk I got dust in my eye, scratched it, and turned it into a stye or infection. I used the Hulda Clark Zapper to bring that infection down.
  3. Cold, cough, sinus infections. No matter how healthy you are, no one is immune from this. I know when I’ve overextended myself, overworked, and overexposed myself to infection. Usually a sore throat alarms me to this. I try to get ahead of it by zapping immediately. Once I get symptoms, I know it’s my immune system flushing the germs out of me. What takes a regular person two weeks to clear takes only a matter of days with the help of the zapper.
  4. Ear infections. I’m not prone to ear infections, but my husband and daughter are. A change in the seasons, getting water in the ear from swimming, or a cold can cause them. I’ve written a blog post about ear infections here, which includes a video of my daughter talking about her experience.
  5. Flu and fevers. As I mentioned above, my daughter doesn’t know life without a Hulda Clark Zapper. Anytime we’ve come down with a flu or fever, we zap, we rest, we take good care of ourselves. I’ve written about flu and fevers here.
  6. Headaches, migraines, muscle aches and inflammation. I believe the Hulda Clark Zapper brings down inflammation. We zap, we rest, we take good care of ourselves and get better.
  7. Food or water poisoning. If you ever travel or go out to eat, you are opening yourself up to anything that could get you. Undercooked meats, unsanitary conditions, unhealthy kitchen personnel. That’s why we keep a Hulda Clark Zapper in the car. I went to a family picnic once when my cousin had eaten a dairy dish that had sat in the sun too long. She was bent over purple-lipped close to the trash bin. I got the zapper out of the car and got her zapping while chit-chatting. Before she knew it her face had regained color and she was talking and animated again.
  8. Cold sores and cuts. We avoid infecting our cuts or cold sores by zapping. That pink puffy inflammation around cuts and cold sores go down. The body heals faster.
  9. Menstrual cramps. I have come to rely on zapping as a way to take care of myself that I reach for it as soon as I get any kind of pain. Menstrual cramps is one of them. I lay in bed and zap, rest, take good care of myself during that time of the month.
  10. Urinary Tract Infection. As a sexually active young woman newly wed, I used to get UTI, yeast, and vaginal infections. Back then I went to my doctor and got prescribed antibiotics, which messed with my birth control pills, and may have been contributing to the problem. Ever since I started zapping regularly, these problems went away. Of course I was also drinking more water and practicing better pee-after-sex hygiene to prevent these types of infections, but once in a while when it caught me, I used the Hulda Clark Zapper to get my body back to health.

The Hulda Clark Zapper is a device that emits a frequency that is meant to destroy microorganisms. Hulda Clark researched and published her findings on the use of the zapper for very debilitating and some terminal diseases, but there are other ways the Hulda Clark Zapper has helped me and many people around the world.

What about you? Are there other Less Serious Reasons you use a Hulda Clark Zapper?

Hulda Clark Zapper for food poisoning

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  1. Hi, there! Just learning about the zapper and wondering if you can overuse it? Can it be used daily? Do the books give specific how-tos? Thanks for sharing your knowledge with us!

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