How the Clark Zapper Helps Our Planet

Hulda Clark Zapper Earth Day

There will always be parasites, bacteria, and viruses. As long as there is life, there they will be and many more like them yet to be discovered. Some of them have benefits, others are a cause of disease. We need to find ways to eliminate the pernicious ones with the least harm to us and our planet.

Frequency therapy has been studied since Nikola Tesla invented Diathermy. Other scientists followed his path, each one creating devices meant to destroy microorganisms: Georges Lakhovsky, Royal Rife, Hulda Clark, to name a few.

The use of frequency to kill microorganisms is already in practice in hospitals that use ultraviolet light to sanitize spaces like patient rooms and operating rooms. Laboratories and meat packing facilities also utilize this technology to disinfect their spaces.

Our mission is to share information about the work of Hulda Clark. We also aim to provide a stable and solid Hulda Clark Zapper for people to experiment with in every household in the world.

Our vision is a world populated with healthy people, living their best lives, not living with disease or side-effects. Our vision is a clean environment, not littered with blister packs and syringes and plastic bottles. We cannot keep polluting our waterways with antibiotics and other drugs. We want to contribute to creating a world where we coexist with healthy living creatures.

Our core values are respect for all living beings and our environment. We try our best to minimize our carbon footprint because we believe that we cannot be healthy at the expense of our planet and other living creatures in it. We are all one. Beyond seeing the human body as a whole, we also see the entire planet as a whole.

We express our core values by creating Hulda Clark Zappers that are built to last. We offer a lifetime warranty because we believe that you need only one Hulda Clark Zapper. We do not believe in planned obsolescence that is merely a way to stimulate repeat sales but is wasteful of our planet’s natural resources.

Hulda Clark Zapper Earth Day
The Hulda Clark Zapper comes with a canvas carrying pouch so you can take it along with you wherever on our beautiful planet you go, whether to work or on an adventure.

Zapping is being in tune with the frequency of the universe. Zapping is being one with nature.

Happy Earth Day!

Clark Zapper Earth Day

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