Amigurumi Swampbogger

This past weekend was a crochet fest at our house. I don’t know what came over me. I just suddenly got this urge to find my crochet needles and yarns and make amigurumi, tiny crocheted toys.

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Cosplay Ears

We made a movie! My husband, daughter and I have been making a short movie series since summer last year. My daughter calls it Time Brats. It’s a sci-fi fantasy musical, and she invites her cousins,

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Botanical Interests

I got my seeds from Botanical Interests! They came in this pretty box which fits nicely in my mailbox. A while back I was thinking about seeds and the recent defeat of Proposition 37 here in

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Chalkboard Linen Closets

Since we moved into this old ranch-style farmhouse in the winter, we did not want to paint the walls and be stuck indoors with the smell of fumes. But there are child’s scribbles on some parts

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Halloween Invitations

I wanted to make Halloween party invitations that looked ghostly, so I went for the ancient and distressed look. I got the idea from the Better Homes and Gardens how-to guide. We have stacks of manila

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Airplane Sock Puppets

Any parent traveling with children on a plane stocks up on activities to do while in transit. We certainly had a backpack’s worth of toys, drawing books and art supplies. Most important for parents, however is

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