Lemon Vinegar Cleaner

I love my scented vinegar cleaner. I’ve been using the Orange Vinegar Cleaner now for a year and it is fantastic. It has all the benefits of cleaning with vinegar: non-toxic, food-grade, environment-safe, non-allergenic, inexpensive, gentle

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Orange Vinegar Cleaner

Vinegar is an amazing all-purpose cleaner. It is non-toxic and food-grade, safe for the environment and for the family, even those who have asthma. It’s inexpensive, gentle on hands, and deodorizing. It removes fabric stains, soap

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Vodka Sanitizer

I don’t like hand sanitizer. I see them everywhere. I see them at grocery stores. I see moms whipping them out of their handbags and rubbing their babies’ hands with them. Teachers hand them out to

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The Cure For All Diseases by Hulda Clark

Recipes for Household Cleaning

excerpt from The Cure For All Diseases © 1995 by Hulda Regehr Clark, Ph.D. N.D. “For Laundry Borax (1/2 cup per load). It is the main ingredient of non-chlorine bleach and has excellent cleaning power without

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