Vodka Sanitizer

I don’t like hand sanitizer. I see them everywhere. I see them at grocery stores. I see moms whipping them out of their handbags and rubbing their babies’ hands with them. Teachers hand them out to kids in the classroom. I hate it.

It’s one of those things no one ever needed until just recently. The human race has evolved for centuries, and all of a sudden we’re afraid of a little bacteria. Well, I’m not afraid of a little bacteria. Exposure to a little bit of bacteria here and there helps the immune system develop. I’m a lot more afraid of the chemicals in those hand sanitizers.

Have you seen the list of ingredients? Isopropanol, propylene glycol, and other variations of these petrochemical solvents. The root prop in the chemical name is a telltale sign that it’s derived from petroleum, carcinogenic and causes a whole slew of diseases. Terrifying. You wouldn’t wash your hands in gasoline, much less wash your baby’s hands with it, would you?

Triclosan, another one of those horrifying ingredients in hand sanitizers, even creates mutant germs that are resistant to hand sanitizers. Phthalates attacks male fertility and the immune system. Mutant germs, infertility and cancer, anyone?

An old-fashioned handwash with old-fashioned water is still the best way to keep hands clean. In cases when I’m out and about, and water is far away, I carry an HDPE Spray Bottle of Vodka Sanitizer.

I buy the biggest cheapest vodka I can find in the grocery store. If the cashier gives you a dirty look, just say you’re throwing a big party then invite her over. Fill an HDPE Spray Bottle with vodka and it’s ready to go with you in your handbag, or under the sink in the kitchen or bathroom.

High Density Polyethylene HDPEHigh Density Polyethylene (HDPE) is the densest and most stable of all plastic materials. It will keep its chemical composition without reacting to its contents. That’s why milk jugs are made from this translucent milky plastic. The best water containers are made from HDPE.

I use Vodka Sanitizer to disinfect toilet seats, surfaces and hands. It is food grade alcohol, made from grain, so the human liver can process it better than a synthesized petrochemical.

I would still use it sparingly on hands, only when absolutely necessary. Keep it away from little children and alcoholic friends. Promise yourself to never ever use commercial hand sanitizers again.

Hulda Clark
What Dangerous Ingredients Are There in Hand Sanitizer? Should I Just Wash My Hands?

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    • Yes, it is straight. It’s only 80 proof so it has already been diluted for me. However if you have 100 proof, or Everclear, which is either 151 proof or 190 proof, dilute with water. I probably should have made that clear in the blog entry. Thanks for the Q.

      • I know it’s been forever since you posted this, but with the low availability of hand sanitizers due to coronavirus lately, I thought that I might point out that the current guidance is to use something that’s at least 60% alcohol (120 proof) in order to avoid creating superbugs that are resistant to lower levels of sanitizers.

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