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  • Husband’s Breakfast Recipe: Emphysema Lambada

    Husband’s Breakfast Recipe: Emphysema Lambada

    Yes, you read it right. My husband made me breakfast. How sweet! He really is a good cook. Check out his bean soup here. And he also came up with the idea for Bumblebees. But in true Jay fashion, he gave his recipe the unappetizingly strange and thoroughly nonsensical name, Emphysema Lambada. It’s good, though.…

  • Farmers Market Finds

    Farmers Market Finds

    Our local farmers market is back! The Coastside Farmers Market at Rockaway Beach in Pacifica, California is the best source of locally grown produce from May through November. Today was the first farmers market day of the year. It was great to see my favorite vendors again. There’s the Indian food stall, the only seller…