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  • Husband’s Breakfast Recipe: Emphysema Lambada

    Husband’s Breakfast Recipe: Emphysema Lambada

    Yes, you read it right. My husband made me breakfast. How sweet! He really is a good cook. Check out his bean soup here. And he also came up with the idea for Bumblebees. But in true Jay fashion, he gave his recipe the unappetizingly strange and thoroughly nonsensical name, Emphysema Lambada. It’s good, though.…

  • Chalkboard Linen Closets

    Chalkboard Linen Closets

    Since we moved into this old ranch-style farmhouse in the winter, we did not want to paint the walls and be stuck indoors with the smell of fumes. But there are child’s scribbles on some parts of the walls including these white linen closets. I tried and tried to scrub them off but they would…

  • How to Zap

    How to Zap

    My family uses a zapper to keep ourselves healthy. The video above is of my husband demonstrating how to use a zapper. I’ve explained what zapping and the zapper is in my blog entry, Doing Nothing When My Child is Sick. Here is an excerpt: Zapping has to be the best kept secret to health.…