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Vitamin C Spray for Sun Protection

Even before the CDC released results of a study linking sunscreen ingredients to hormone disruption and cell damage, Hulda Clark tested and found sunscreen and many other commercial body products to be polluted with toxic chemicals.

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Pack Your Hulda Clark Zapper when you travel

Travel With Your Zapper

Sometimes the reality hits me: I have been zapping for over 20 years now! I can’t think of a time over the past 20 years when I didn’t have a Hulda Clark Zapper within reach. I’ve

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Morse’s Sauerkraut

  Sauerkraut is an Eastern European delicacy made of finely shredded cabbage fermented by lactic acid bacteria. It is an effective way to build probiotics, bacteria that is beneficial to the body’s digestive system. It is

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Children’s Fairyland

This weekend we went to Children’s Fairyland in Lake Merritt, Oakland, an outdoor amusement park with a fairy tale theme. Created in 1950, this historic park still has the creepy allure of old-fashioned fairs. Attractions look

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