Travel With Your Zapper

Pack Your Hulda Clark Zapper when you travel

Sometimes the reality hits me: I have been zapping for over 20 years now! I can’t think of a time over the past 20 years when I didn’t have a Hulda Clark Zapper within reach. I’ve lived in three different states in the USA, visited countless places in three different countries, roughed it in many of them. I’ve always managed to have a Hulda Clark Zapper either packed with us or waiting for us when we arrived. Just as the mobile phone and internet has crept into people’s daily lives, the Hulda Clark Zapper has become indispensable in mine.

There had been situations when my family felt queasy after eating out at a restaurant. We took turns zapping in the car and felt instantly better.

One time while at a family picnic, my husband, my daughter, and I avoided the dairy dish that had been sitting in the sun too long, but my cousin didn’t. I found her looking pale and purple-lipped. I offered her use of my Hulda Clark Zapper and within twenty minutes of zapping while chit-chatting, she was back to her vibrant self. She almost forgot that just a few minutes prior, she was feeling sick.

Water in certain parts of the world can also be sketchy. Using the Hulda Clark Zapper either by zapping with copper handles or by zappicating food and water with a Food Zappicator can help minimize bacterial culture shock.

So pack your Hulda Clark Zapper with you when you travel. You never know the next time you or someone you love may need it. Here are some tips on how to bring your zapper with you on your trip:

Pack Your Hulda Clark Zapper when you travel

Traveling in your own vehicle?
Pack your Hulda Clark Zapper in the glove compartment. Keep the copper pipes surrounded by a layer of paper towels so it’s ready to use. A spray bottle of water is handy to have in the car for easily spritzing on your paper towel-covered copper handles. Also store extra 9 volt batteries. Do not zap while driving. Leave the zapping to the passengers. If you need to zap, pull over to a safe zone like a rest area or a parking lot and zap there.

Traveling by land or going on a ship?
Pack your Hulda Clark Zapper in your suitcase. The copper handles are staining, especially when moist, so you want to protect your clothing from contact with it. Pre-wrap the copper pipes with paper towels and put in a resealable plastic bag. Pack an empty spray bottle you can fill with water for moistening your paper towel-covered copper handles. Remember to bring extra 9 volt batteries.

Traveling by plane?
The Hulda Clark Zapper with copper handles is perfectly safe for use mid-flight but it may arouse suspicion from airport personnel who are unfamiliar with this device. Consider mailing your zapper to your destination address. It only takes 2 to 3 days to deliver anywhere within the United States. There are also a number of shipping options for international mail. Paper towels, empty spray bottles, and 9 volt batteries are common items that can be purchased at local drug stores all over the world, but if you are headed somewhere rural and remote, you may want to mail yourself those items as well.

Have a great time on your trip!

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  1. What a lovely website, Modern Wife. We (Arthur and I) learned about Hulda Clark one year ago and we have spent 12 months cleansing and zapping according to Dr. Clark’s instructions. We built our “shoebox” zappers from information that you gave us in the great video “Build Your Own Zapper”. We bought the parts from you and we can testify that zapping is the most incredible rejuvenator of the physical body. We zap our 7 cats with the lower 1000 KHZ zappicator. Everyone in the world should know about parasites and how to eradicate them! Sadly, this infomation is suppressed. Thank you for your efforts to spread the word. We will try to tell, too, in any way we can. Kathleen Vick

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