Ultrasound Sonogram for Pregnancy

A sonogram or ultrasound uses sound waves between the frequencies of 10 Hz to 8 MHz (that’s 10 to 8 million Hz). These sound waves come from a transducer applied on the outer skin of a person, and is bounced off structures within the body, much like sonar waves are used by bats and whales to determine their distance and depth from structures ahead of them.

For a pregnant woman, the sonogram provides a visual picture and video of the baby from within the womb. It causes no discomfort, and because it works through sound waves, there is no danger of radiation exposure.

During a sonogram, the ultrasound technologist is able to measure the different parts of the unborn baby’s body. This is a more precise way of determining a fetus’ age, and setting a due date for the birth. An ultrasound can also determine a baby’s gender, with 99% accuracy.

My Ultrasound Sonogram

sonogram for pregnancyThe video above and photos are taken from my ultrasound on the 20th week
of pregnancy. It was exciting to see our baby moving inside me, kicking, scratching the head, moving the fingers, turning over to the side. At this stage, when kicks are only felt as little flutters in my womb, it is comforting to see a full human being in there.

I was not able to find out our baby’s gender at this time. Often it really is up to the baby whether s/he wants to reveal himself/herself. Our baby was shy, kept his/her legs close together and turned constantly to show his/her back. What matters to me the most is seeing that my baby has a strong spine, all the necessary body parts in the right places and a beautiful facial bone structure articulated on the screen monitor.

Other parents are able to immediately see a penis if their baby is a boy. They say boys are generally not shy, and that they can sometimes be found playing with their penises as early as before they are born.

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