5 Ways to Fight Off Antibiotic-Resistant Bacteria

Over a month ago, the Center for Disease Control released a statement about the real and gnawing threat of Antibiotic Resistant Bacteria. PBS’s Frontline followed up with a shocking first-hand look at this “Nightmare Bacteria” and the people affected by them. A few days ago, the National Resources Defense Council piped in with their warning about the misuse of antibiotics in livestock causing this “race toward the cliff.”

There are no real solutions being presented to us by government or medical establishment. They are either dragging their feet to protect their industries’ profit margin, or are stumped as to what to do.

The problem is threefold: people’s overuse of antibiotics, livestock overuse of antibiotics, and now in environment and wildlife.

Big Pharma is putting millions of dollars into research for stronger and better antibiotics, but sooner or later we will be faced with the same question: How long before bacteria develops resistance to those?

It’s really troubling if you have no plan of action on how to protect yourself and your family from this “Superbug.” Let me share my plans of action with you. I hope my ideas can be of use to you and your family.

1. By any means, avoid going to a hospital. Hospitals are teeming with infections, and you increase your likelihood of encountering antibiotic-resistant bacteria there. (See PBS Eight Ways to Protect Yourself from Superbugs.)

2. Wash your hands. With water. Wash with water as long as you can sing the “Happy birthday” song twice to make sure you are thoroughly washed. Scrub fingers and under the fingernails. Dump the hand sanitizers, especially the ones that are antibacterial. They contribute to the creation of superbugs. Keep vodka in a spray bottle for those times when you have no access to running water.

3. Zap. According to the books written by Dr. Hulda Clark, the Zapper is a device that emits a positive offset square wave frequency that shatters parasites, bacteria and viruses. Frequency medicine was pioneered by Nikola Tesla in the 1900s and followed up by Georges Lakhovsky, Royal Rife and most recently, Hulda Clark. Hulda Clark developed a zapper for direct use, and another one she called a zappicator for zapping foods and beverages. She published the schematics public domain in her books so anyone can build them. There are many for sale on the internet, and some that are not up to specs, so choose wisely. *The Hulda Clark Zapper is in the public domain and therefore has not been evaluated by the FDA. Not surprisingly it has been discredited by Big Pharma and their minions.

4. Eat organic. Find small local farms that raise their livestock with no antibiotics, no hormones, no pesticides in feed. If they have organic certification, great. If not, visit their farm and see how they raise their animals. Eat certified organic fruits and vegetables. Use the Hulda Clark Food Zappicator on your food before eating.

5. Colloidal silver can be purchased at your local health food store. It was used widely by physicians in the early 20th century but was discontinued in the 1940s when antibiotics became more popular. Now is a good time to get back to this effective solution to simple infections. NASA astronauts use it to keep their water source free of bacteria while in space. (For more info, see Colloidal Silver Wikipedia page.)

As we enter the end of the Antibiotic Era, it is time to think outside the box. Pharmaceuticals have not provided us with sustainable answers. They worked, for some time, but increased side-effects and vested financial interests have rendered them a dead end for us. Worse comes to worst, doctors employ surgery to remove infection. But that’s another nightmare altogether.

An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.

(Disclosure: I am owner/manager of NaturalHealthSupply.com and we sell zappers. My husband and I have been zapping since 1997, and in 1999 we began selling zappers because we believe it has dramatically improved our family’s health. I feel really lucky to have found the zapper as a solution to many of my family’s health problems. I’ve spoken openly about zapping long before we started selling them. Recommendations above are my own personal opinion and are not intended as medical advice.)

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