Safe Cosmetics

This video, “The Story of Cosmetics,” is presented by the Campaign for Safe Cosmetics and the same people who created the really eye-opening and much-recommended to watch, “The Story of Stuff.” I’ve been reading about toxic

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Potty Training

Before my baby was born I read about Elimination Communication, a method of detecting and responding to an infant’s elimination needs. It’s not as much “training” as it is becoming in tune with the natural timing

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The Stay at Home Dad

My husband and I run our internet business from home, and are both able to raise our baby full time. My husband made this animation while I was still pregnant, and he was still only imagining

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Zinc Oxide for Diaper Rash

Along the lines of caring for our baby the best way we know how is the treatment of diaper rash. No matter how careful or diligent a parent one is, there is no avoiding an incident

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Chlorine Free Diapers

Chlorine-Free Baby Diapers

Long before our baby was born, the subject of diapers has plagued my husband and me. Our midwife suggested using cloth diapers. Cotton is breathable and comfortable against babies’ sensitive skin. Reusable diapers are environmentally responsible.

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Modern Wife Home Birth

My Home Birth Story

October 31 at 9 a.m. my water broke. My midwife, Kristen, came about an hour later to check on me. She suggested going on our daily walk, to help the baby descend lower and bring on

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The Cure For All Diseases by Hulda Clark

Recipes for Natural Cosmetics

excerpt from The Cure For All Diseases © 1995 by Hulda Regehr Clark, Ph.D. N.D. Eye liner and Eyebrow Pencil Get a pure charcoal pencil (black only) at an art supply store. Try several on yourself

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Cornelia Schwartz Stefatos

Aromatherapy for Seduction

Angelica is a warm and musky, herbaceous scent that is very grounding. Avoid use in pregnancy. Black Pepper is a hot and spicy piquant scent that warms and stimulates. It should be used sparingly because it

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Modern Wife

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