The Stay at Home Dad

Stay at Home Dad Flash AnimationMy husband and I run our internet business from home, and are both able to raise our baby full time. My husband made this animation while I was still pregnant, and he was still only imagining his life as a full time father.

Immediately after I gave birth, my husband began his diaper changing duty. While I was still in bed recovering from childbirth and breastfeeding our baby, my husband had to take care of both the baby and me. He was a wonderful caregiver, cooking soups for me and singing to the baby.

(My husband got a little peek of this world when his best buddy was a Stay At Home Dad during the first few years of his daughter’s life. Unlike my husband, his best buddy was on his own while his wife went off to work. Just recently, he got a job out of the home after the daughter began pre-school.)

Raising our child together, my husband and I have gotten even closer than we were before. Our child turns to either of us depending on her needs, and often enjoys having both of us shower her with affection. For our baby, family day is every day!

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