Column of Leaves Scarf

column of leaves scarf work in progress

My grandmother wearing the column of leaves scarf

I finished the Column of Leaves Scarf I had been working on over the past month. Just in time for my Grandmother’s 86th birthday celebration. There she is, trying it on, with a beautiful smile on her face.

She got into a crazy car accident last June during my cousin’s wedding. My grandmother had just gotten off a flight from the Philippines the night before, and she was feeling tired after lunch. She flipped her car into a ditch and was caught in her seatbelt upside down, unable to get out of her car. She honked her horn for help. It was 107 degrees Fahrenheit that day. Someone came up and broke her car window open. She crawled out of the wreck by herself, unscathed, unbroken, and with not even a speck of dirt on her dress. The cops couldn’t believe an 85 year old lady could crawl out of a total wreck without a scratch. They dubbed it “The Miracle on 8 Mile Road.” Words cannot express how so very happy we are that she is alive and well.

This Column of Leaves pattern by Brooke Nelson is such a good one, and a joy to knit. I still have two skeins each in orange and cranberry of Debbie Bliss Cathay, which is 50% cotton, 35% viscose and 15% silk.

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