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  • Column of Leaves Scarf

    Column of Leaves Scarf

    I finished the Column of Leaves Scarf I had been working on over the past month. Just in time for my Grandmother’s 86th birthday celebration. There she is, trying it on, with a beautiful smile on her face. She got into a crazy car accident last June during my cousin’s wedding. My grandmother had just…

  • Winter Knit Hats for Toys

    Winter Knit Hats for Toys

    Even toys get cold in the winter. So I knit these tiny pompom hats to keep these toy elephants warm. A sweet little present for my husband, who collects and make toys. Knitted with Debbie Bliss Alpaca Silk DK. Pattern from Knit Simple Magazine Winter 2009

  • Pink Shrug

    Pink Shrug

    I knitted this pink shrug from the pattern “Molly” in the book, “Junior Knits” by Debbie Bliss. I used Debbie Bliss cashmerino aran. It’s still a wee bit big on my daughter, but she’ll grow into it soon.

  • Orange Frock Camisole

    Orange Frock Camisole

    It’s cold and windy outside. I’m bundled up in blankets and have no intention of getting up to get any exercise. But I finished this top in less than a month, taken from the free Frock Camisole pattern from Knitting Daily. Just little shock of clementine to remind me that all winters come to an…

  • Knit Socks

    Knit Socks

    I met this lady at my local Stitch ‘n Bitch and she was knitting a pair of socks at once on a circular needle. My curiosity was peaked though it seemed a bit intimidating. The next time I was at a yarn store, I came upon this book, 2-at-a-Time Socks: Revealed Inside. . . The…

  • Cosmo’s Wool Sweater

    Cosmo’s Wool Sweater

    I finally finished Cosmo’s Wool Sweater!!! It took me about a month from when I cast on to when I bound off. I would have been done sooner had I not taken a few days off from the project. Now here’s the fun part. Pictures!!!

  • Knitted Baby Booties

    Knitted Baby Booties

    I knitted these baby booties for my cousin, Lissa. I got the pattern from Stitch ‘n Bitch Nation, “One-Hour Baby Booties,” page 217. I used a chunky alpaca yarn (I don’t remember anymore what brand) I’ve had left over from last winter. Less than a skein was just perfect. I had only about 6 inches…

  • Knitting Needles Roll-Up Case

    Knitting Needles Roll-Up Case

    I desperately needed a way to organize my growing collection of knitting needles. Stitch ‘n Bitch: The Knitter’s Handbook has a pattern for the Roll-Your-Own Needle Case on page 234. I knew I eventually had to have something similar before I go insane. My husband was sewing bags and wallets with upholstery fabric at the…

  • Winter Knitting Projects

    As soon as we moved in to Camden, Maine for the winter, I found a little knitting and needlepoint shop in the village called Stitchery Square. I bought several skeins of Debbie Bliss alpaca silk double knit yarn (80% baby alpaca and 20% silk) in bright pink and made matching Mama and Baby scarves. The…

  • Learning to Knit

    I mentioned to my husband once while passing the yarn aisle at a craft store that I had never knitted before. It was more of a wistful sigh than a real wish. At that time I was balancing working at home and taking care of a two-year-old. I had no time to pick up a…