I am a small part of the big picture.


Bees are magical. They pollinate plants and are responsible for many of the foods we eat. Without bees, there would be widespread famine.

Bees also make a magical potion called honey. Honey is medicinal and lasts forever. It has recently been touted as the “new” cure for antibiotic-resistant bacteria, which is laughable considering the medicinal use of honey was documented as far back as in ancient Sumerian clay tablets.


Bees are in danger. All over the world bees are dying. Pesticides and the loss of adequate habitat devoted to bees are killing bee colonies. Governments are not acting fast enough to make the changes necessary to save them.

We, you and I, need to do something about it. It’s really easy to provide a honey bee haven. All bees need is pesticide-free food, shelter and water. Your garden, balcony or front porch will do.

  1. Stop using pesticides in your garden. Explore organic ways to control pests such as ladybugs.
  2. Plant flowers bees would love throughout the year, especially in the late summer and fall.
  3. Set up a clean source of water, like a shallow fountain or rainwater collection system. Bees don’t need much.
  4. Leave some ground undisturbed with dead branches for wild bees to find shelter in.

These are the recommendations made by Honey Bee Haven. It’s a small contribution that can make a big difference.

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