Our honeybees and wild pollinators are so happy to see the emergence of goldenrod in the late summer. It signals the end of the summer dearth for bees and other pollinators. Believe it or not, once

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Cosplay Ears

We made a movie! My husband, daughter and I have been making a short movie series since summer last year. My daughter calls it Time Brats. It’s a sci-fi fantasy musical, and she invites her cousins,

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Garden Update

My Shade Garden is coming along nicely. Most of it, at least. I planted early spring plants such as peas, sugar snap peas, broccoli, lettuce, radishes and beets on February 16 and 17. Remember those Sugar

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Garden Plan

As soon as my seeds arrived from Botanical Interests, I sorted them out in order of when they need to be planted. I also included seeds I bought last year, and seeds we’ve been saving all

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Botanical Interests

I got my seeds from Botanical Interests! They came in this pretty box which fits nicely in my mailbox. A while back I was thinking about seeds and the recent defeat of Proposition 37 here in

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Cornelia Schwartz Stefatos

Aromatherapy for Seduction

Angelica is a warm and musky, herbaceous scent that is very grounding. Avoid use in pregnancy. Black Pepper is a hot and spicy piquant scent that warms and stimulates. It should be used sparingly because it

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Modern Wife

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