Carrots for Red Highlights in Hair

My husband’s grandmother was an Irish redhead. My husband’s mother had auburn hair. Our daughter’s hair bleached blond under the sun, and darkened as she grew older. She has natural copper  highlights in her hair when the sun hits it. She wanted more of that red to come out. Tonight she showed me a YouTube video of how to use ingredients from our kitchen pantry to enhance the red highlights in her hair. Here’s the video:

We didn’t have cranberries but we had everything else. So here’s what we whipped up:

3 medium organic carrots, grated
3 tablespoons organic plain yogurt
2 tablespoons raw honey

Other things needed:
plastic shower cap
plastic bag to wear over clothing
paper bag or old newspapers to stand on and catch drippings

Carrot, Yogurt and Honey brings out red highlights in hair

Get ready by pulling a plastic bag over clothing and spread paper bag or old newspapers on the floor to catch the drippings. Mix the ingredients together in a bowl. Spread all over hair until it is all soaked and caked.

Carrot, Yogurt and Honey brings out red highlights in hair

Put a plastic shower cap over head. Let it sit for at least half an hour. Rinse it out in the kitchen sink so the carrot shavings don’t clog your bathroom drain. Jump in the shower and wash/shampoo hair as usual.

It really works! I guess I shouldn’t be surprised. Carrots do stain. I’m wondering now if it would be just as effective to juice the carrots and use that instead of grated carrots. It would save us the trouble of picking out little carrot shavings out of hair, which we had to do a lot!

We’ll try cranberries when they become available in the fall. I bet beets would do the job too.

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