Yogurt with Granola Bar

I’ve been buying only organic raw plain whole milk yogurt since last summer. I found some in my local health food store and now I’m hooked. Let me break it down:

Organic: means the milk comes from cows that are not given antibiotics or hormones, and are fed organic grass and not GMO corn raised on pesticides.

Raw: means the milk is not pasteurized, fresh as fresh can be right out of healthy cows. It has not sat in a giant vat with who knows how many other cows’ milk to get pasteurized. Also, raw milk still contains the nutrition that is the reason why we drink milk in the first place. (Raw milk is illegal in some states. Because the government wants you to buy their crappy milk.) Here’s more info about real milk.

Plain: means I don’t have to put up with overly-sugared yogurt from questionable sugar sources. It means I don’t have to eat old fruit that’s sat in that container for who knows how long. I’ll add my own fresh fruit, thank you.

Whole Milk: means I want the fat. Yes, I do. Real fat, not saturated fat, is good for you.

I’ve served it with Maple Cranberry Sauce, but mostly I serve it with apple. Here’s the recipe:

organic raw plain whole milk yogurt
organic apple, peeled and chopped
organic maple syrup
Nature’s Path Organic Crunchy Granola Bars, Apple Pie Crunch Chia Plus

Scoop out yogurt into breakfast bowl. Drizzle maple syrup and top with apple. Finish with granola bars.

Apple Yogurt with Granola Bars

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