Amigurumi Swampbogger

This past weekend was a crochet fest at our house. I don’t know what came over me. I just suddenly got this urge to find my crochet needles and yarns and make amigurumi, tiny crocheted toys.

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Zapping an Earache Away

We’ve had a really fun weekend with friends, carving pumpkins and roasting marshmallows on a fire outdoors. Then suddenly last night my daughter woke up crying and clutching her ear. My first response is to set

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Cosplay Ears

We made a movie! My husband, daughter and I have been making a short movie series since summer last year. My daughter calls it Time Brats. It’s a sci-fi fantasy musical, and she invites her cousins,

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My Daughter’s Snack Recipe

I don’t remember when my daughter started helping me in the kitchen. Was it at age 3 or was it even younger? I remember her taking initiative making us snacks not even a mother could love.

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Airplane Sock Puppets

Any parent traveling with children on a plane stocks up on activities to do while in transit. We certainly had a backpack’s worth of toys, drawing books and art supplies. Most important for parents, however is

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A Child’s Creation Story

My daughter loves hearing about how she was born. I tell her about her beginning as a tiny baby the size of a pea growing inside my belly. I tell her about how happy I was

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Music Pretzels

The Pretzel Fairies

What do you do with two 6-year-olds on a misty Sunday afternoon? Make pretzels! It’s so easy making pretzel dough on the breadmaker. And after seeing me make spider-shaped pretzels, the girls, still wearing their fairy

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