My Daughter’s Snack Recipe

I don’t remember when my daughter started helping me in the kitchen. Was it at age 3 or was it even younger? I remember her taking initiative making us snacks not even a mother could love.

Now that she’s 8 she’s become quite a cook. She can cook her own breakfast eggs. She’s been my assistant for the past two Thanksgivings, peeling and slicing potatoes like a big girl. She’s also got those really strong arms from gymnastics. The girl can whisk like a pro!

Today she made another one of her no-bake snacks, but this time she wrote her recipe out.

Malaya's snack recipe

I asked her what the letters stood for. Here’s what she told me:

C.C. – cupcake liner
G.M. – granola Mom’s
M.S. – marshmallows
Sh.W. – sugar white (in our house that’s organic evaporated cane sugar)
H.W. – honey raw
R.O. – raisins organic

And what does M.W.H.B. with a circle and backslash stand for?

No Mother With Hanging Butt. 😐

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