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  • Sugar Skulls Video

    Sugar Skulls Video

    Happy Halloween and El Dia de los Muertos! Here is a short video of me and my Halloween baby making sugar skulls.

  • Lime Candle

    Lime Candle

    I love this! Look at how the light comes prettily through the green lime peel. My daughter came up with this clever little decorating idea of turning lime peels into candles. She must have seen a tutorial on YouTube. The kid loves YouTube tutorials. Just clean out the inside part of the peel, leaving the…

  • Cosplay Ears

    Cosplay Ears

    We made a movie! My husband, daughter and I have been making a short movie series since summer last year. My daughter calls it Time Brats. It’s a sci-fi fantasy musical, and she invites her cousins, classmates, and in this latest one, the 4th episode, her 2nd grade teacher, to be part of it. It’s…

  • Garden Plan

    Garden Plan

    As soon as my seeds arrived from Botanical Interests, I sorted them out in order of when they need to be planted. I also included seeds I bought last year, and seeds we’ve been saving all year. I came up with a rough garden plan. It went through several revisions once we started working and…

  • Garlic Lemonade

    Garlic Lemonade

    It’s inevitable. Every year my daughter gets the sniffles after Halloween, the effect of a combination of moldy leaves on the ground, sudden cold wet weather, and too much candy. Garlic Lemonade is my go-to remedy for coughs, cold and the flu. I found the recipe in Dr. Aviva Jill Romm’s book, “Vaccinations: A Thoughtful…

  • Homemade Pumpkin Puree

    Homemade Pumpkin Puree

    Roasting is my favorite way of making pumpkin puree. Not only is it the easiest way to do it, but oven heat also preserves the pumpkin’s sweet flavor. A pound is equal to a cup of pumpkin puree. I needed 2 cups of pumpkin puree for my pumpkin cupcake recipe so I picked a 2…

  • Halloween Party Food Menu

    Halloween Party Food Menu

    Every year we throw a Halloween party to celebrate my daughter’s birthday. We have a big family with many young cousins, so that alone makes the parties pretty big. In addition, my daughter likes to invite her whole class to the parties as well. Not everyone comes, of course (whew!) but we usually get at…

  • Pumpkin Chocolate Chip Cookies

    Pumpkin Chocolate Chip Cookies

    This recipe was passed on to me from my husband’s grandmother, who sent us care packages of her special Pumpkin Cookies every Halloween. Mammie used Crisco Oil and it made her cookies very moist and last for weeks. I used organic canola oil as a healthier alternative, and this makes the pumpkin cookies moist, light…

  • Halloween Invitations

    Halloween Invitations

    I wanted to make Halloween party invitations that looked ghostly, so I went for the ancient and distressed look. I got the idea from the Better Homes and Gardens how-to guide. We have stacks of manila paper sitting around at home, so I started with that. From the craft store, I bought walnut ink for…

  • Sugar Skulls

    Sugar Skulls

    My daughter was born on November 1, and now at kindergarten age she has become very interested in the festival held on her birthday. El Dia de los Muertos is a 3-day Mexican fiesta to honor the dead. To celebrate, one must prepare an altar, or ofrenda, an offering to one’s dead loved ones. An…