How to make a Thanksgiving Dinner that will make Hulda Clark proud (and kitchen tips for health)

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I love Thanksgiving Dinner at home. My family loves to cook! Spending the day together in the kitchen is our kind of holiday.

While writing down my Thanksgiving Dinner menu the other night, my mind wandered toward a list of what I am thankful for. On top of that list is my family’s health, which led me to think about Hulda Clark.

Twenty years ago, my father-in-law sent my husband and me a book that changed our lives. It was “The Cure For All Cancers,” by Hulda Clark. Hulda Clark’s book opened my eyes to a whole new paradigm in health. She gave me hope by showing me a better way to live. I have a healthy family because of the lifestyle lessons I learned from her. For that I will forever be thankful.

bamboo forks and knives

It makes me wonder what it would be like if we had Hulda Clark over for Thanksgiving Dinner. Would I pass the Hulda Clark test? She’s very strict. Here are a few ideas on how to make a Thanksgiving Dinner that Hulda Clark would be proud of:

1. Get a certified organic turkey.

And not only turkey, but as many certified organic ingredients as possible for making Thanksgiving Dinner. Don’t let too many toxic chemicals, antibiotics, and GMOs crash your party.

2. Use glass or stainless steel cookware.

Hulda Clark recommended as little contact with metal as possible. For cookware, high quality stainless steel is the exception because it is the least likely to leach into its contents. How do you know if it’s high quality? Put a magnet to it. If the magnet sticks, you’re good to go.

Instead of a copper or aluminum roasting pan and bakeware, use glass pyrex or stainless steel. Tie up your bird with twine, but don’t use the metal pins. Use stainless steel pots and pans. Use wooden spoons and spatulas for stirring. Use ceramic knives for chopping up vegetables. They’re extremely sharp and require no re-sharpening. Use a stainless steel knife for carving the turkey.

3. Make everything from scratch.

Let me share my recipes with you:

There are millions of other recipes online. Choose the ones that have the least processed ingredients.

4. Use bamboo forks and knives for place settings.

As I explained in #2, Hulda Clark recommended as little contact with metal as possible. She lauded Asian cultures that use chopsticks for eating as a model of health.

Think back to the fall of the Roman Empire due to its misuse of lead in irrigation pipes and goblets. This is the sound alarm that Hulda Clark points to in our civilization’s use of metal amalgams in many things such as cookware, tableware, tooth fillings, and so on.

Switching to bamboo cutlery makes a giant dent in curbing our daily exposure to metal.

5. Zappicate food before serving.

Find pockets of time to zappicate food before serving. Turkey is supposed to rest for 30 minutes after being taken out of the oven. Let that rest time count by setting it on top of the Food Zappicator. (Make sure it’s on its serving platter and not the hot roasting pan to prevent from heat-damaging your North Pole Speaker Box.)

Do the same for side dishes. Just a little bit of time on the Food Zappicator for some last minute zapping makes the food ready for a healthy meal.

Do you think Hulda Clark would be proud of my Thanksgiving Dinner? Can you think of any other details I missed?

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  1. WOW! Bamboo dining utensils and HDPE plates for every guest. We learned these fundamentals from Dr. Clark’s book, “The Cure for All Diseases”, and follow her advice as rigorously as we can. We have benefitted from all the changes she convinced us to make in our kitchen and our home. We boil milk and cream, even butter, before we use it. We stopped eating raw onions and anything containing onion powder (read the section of the book called, “Foods Parasites Love”), no prepared foods, no GMO’s, no factory-farm meats or eggs. We stopped going to restaurants altogether and would recommend it to anyone who is in the process of recovering their health due to parasite and pollutant illnesses. We are convinced that, as Dr. Clark says, “Parasites and pollutants are the root cause of ALL illness and disease”. Happy Thanksgiving to you all! Arthur and Kathleen Vick

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